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What is the dignity?

[1]Translation: Natalya Marycheva

Let’s talk about another essential aspect, which is particularly urgent for Russian women. For those brought up by Soviet parents. For those with many childhood traumas. For those with complicated family scripts. The topic raised in this article is women’s dignity. There are two most common attitudes towards the matter:

Both the above positions have nothing to do with the dignity. The first one develops the feeling of guilt and worthlessness. These kind of women let men treat them in a rude and cruel manner.

The second position is pride, which destroys our relations with other people and impedes love. From the position of pride women sway the destinies of other people, easily break a couple of hearts a day, humiliate and intimidate their husbands.
What is dignity then? And what’s the use of it?

Dignity is first of all understanding that I am the soul and the particle of the Creator. Therefore I have all the qualities of God. But in a smaller quantity. He is the ocean, I am a drop. The chemical composition is the same but the weight differs.

This means that I’m good. Initially I’m pure, beautiful and full of Love. I can misbehave or do wrong. I can get dirty at times. But all this does not change my core. Because even being covered with the layer of filth, I’m the same clear drop of the Ocean. It’s just that this drop is more difficult to recognize and become aware of.

This is not at all pride, as pride is when I not only consider myself to be good but all my deeds as well. Even those mean, low and ugly. The sense of dignity is essential for every human. Women in particular. The circumstances were such that this feeling would be gradually eliminated in women. We then ourselves would go further when gave dignity a new name – pride. And started eradicating it as a sin.

Why we need the sense of dignity:

What is the difference between man’s and woman’s sense of dignity?

The main difference is that

Quite often we chase after some achievements in hope that another trophy will make us happier and more confident. Once we realize that the relationship is the biggest joy, we’ll be able to save a lot of time and energy.

It will make it even easier for us if we remember that we all are children of the Ocean. It’s easier to understand that I’m good. Only then it’s possible to find the ways of purification, to change behavior and reaction patterns.

But this time it is going to work from a different position. From “I’m good” position. I deserve it. I want to correspond to my Father-Ocean in his purity, beauty and clearness.